How To Make An End Portal

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An end portal is a generated structure that occurs naturally. It is made use for travelling into the End. Moreover, the end portal is found only in the stronghold’s portal room.

In fact, the End Portal is an exclusive structure that is made use to enter the End biome. The player will have two methods to attain the End Portal. One method is by creating a frame by yourself and the other method is searching for a frame, which has accumulated in a Stronghold.

Creation of End Portal

The End Portal room

In the creative mode, gamers can build an end portal. For this, they have to place 12 end portal blocks in a ring encircling an open 3×3 square. Along with this, you also have to place an eye of ender in all.

When it comes to activating, the frames of the end portal need to be oriented in the correct way. Moreover, the portal’s front face should be pointed inward toward the portal area of 3×3. The player will achieve this by standing in the portal area’s center and rotating to keep the frames in a ring around them.

How to Create End Portal in the Game of Minecraft?

To make end portal in Minecraft game, you require two materials. This includes:

  • 12 end portal frames
  • 12 eyes of Ender

eyes of ender

If you create the end portal with the help of two materials that are mentioned above, you can enter into the End biome easily. While creating the End Portal, you have to stand in one place and keep the portal frames in the circle around you.

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1. Frame Creation


The very first thing you must do is to make the frame from twelve end portal frames. Then, add the 3 end portal frames to create the portal’s one side. After that, move on to 3 extra end portal frames for portal’s other side.

Additionally, ensure that the green tab on the top of end portal frames must face the portal’s inside portion.

After that, move on to the right side and include extra three end portal frames for the portal’s next side.

2. Addition of “Eye of Ender” for Finishing the End Portal

For this, you must include the 12 Eyes of Ender inside every end portal frame blocks by standing in the portal’s middle.

Though this is a fact, you will not require to include the 12th one as you stand in the middle. It’s because this can actuate the End Portal, as well as take you to the End biome. Thus, ensure that you have stepped out prior to placing the last Eye of Ender.

How to Finish an End Portal that is found in a Stronghold

Now, are you looking for a more traditional way? If yes, then consider a portal frame that was assembled in a Stronghold. In this way, you will require a minimum of 10 Eyes of Ender to discover the Stronghold, as well as actuate the portal.

1. Discover Stronghold


When it comes to Minecraft, you have to make use of an Eye of Ender to discover the stronghold in the world. However, for this, prefer using the Eye of Ender in the Hotbar. After that, throw it into the air to know the direction it goes.

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Now, the game control for throwing the Eye of Ender is based on the Minecraft versions. Some of them are:

a. Pocket Edition

pocket edition

For this edition, you have to touch where you need to throw “Eye of Ender”.

b. Xbox One and Xbox 360

For this, you are supposed to press the LT button on the controller of Xbox.

c. Java Edition (PC/Mac)

For throwing the Eye of Ender in this edition, you have to right-click.


2. Finish the End Portal

To finish the End Portal, you need to add the Eye of Ender.

The End Portal consist of 12 blocks where you have to place the Eye of Ender. Moreover, there must be one or two of the Eyes of Ender, which is placed for you. Thus, you have to add only other 10 to 11 Eyes of Ender for finishing the end portal.

The portal will actuate when you place the Eyes of Ender. After that, you can go the end portal for reaching the End.


Hope you understand how to make an end portal in the game of Minecraft. This blog clearly explains the procedure to create the end portal.


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