Pokemon Shield Type Chart

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A Pokemon type chart is an important thing for all the players. The perfect chart will help the players in knowing the strength and weaknesses match-ups. A Shield and Sword type chart helps the players to know which Pokemon type is powerful as compared to others. It is the interplay between weaknesses and strengths, which break or make some matches with perfect choices.

When it comes to the Pokemon game, the key to success is knowing the strength, type, resistances, and weakness. Pokemon Types is the main part of the series since its launch. It is necessary to have a type of Pokemon based on its natural habitat and design.

The Pokemon type is the thing, which defines the moves Pokemon can make use of. Not only this, but also the diverse moves and attacks that every Pokemon can use. Pokemon can be of dual-type or single-type, riven between 2 affinities. Though you can see single and dual-type Pokemon, there is no triple-type Pokemon.

The Shield and Sword type of Pokemon describes the benefits that you can attain in Galar.

All the Pokemon has diverse weakness and strengths to some specific attacks depending on their type. Having knowledge of type matchups is important to ensure that every move of your Pokemon causes the most possible damage. Additionally, you must know the weakness of your Pokemon.

Here are some of the weaknesses of Pokemon are:

1. Water-Type

If you are facing off against the Water-type Pokemon, then you are the perfect bets will be grass, as well as electric. It can deliver the super-effective damage modifier.

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2. Bug-Type

These are an odd case in the world of Pokemon. Moreover, it is not that easy to forget their exact location in the type matchups.

3. Fire-Type


This Pokemon type is weak to Rock, Ground, and Water attacks.

4. Dark-type

Dark-type Pokemon was launched in Generation II to stabilize Psychic Pokemon. Now, are you facing down the Pokemon of Dark-Type? If yes, then make use of Bug, Fighting, or Fairy attacks.

5. Electric-Type

You will come across this Pokemon type quite early in the Shield and Sword. Moreover, you can also make use of Ground attacks to place super-effective moves on them.

6. Grass-type

This pokemon type like Oddish and Bulbasaur can be difficult to experience. Moreover, you will require to have a party occupied with Pokemon that are capable of Ice, Flying, Bug, Fire, and Poison moves.

Now, from this blog, you will a complete and detailed chart of Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses. With this chart, you will also get an idea of which attacks to make use of and which one should avoid depending on the type of Pokemon.

For example, the bug attacks of bug-type Pokemon are super effective against dark, psychic, and grass-type Pokemon. However, this Pokemon type takes more damage from any flying, rock, or fire-type moves.

Another example is if you make use of a fire-type move on a Pokemon of Grass-type, you might be greeted with the classic text – It is super effective.

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You can keep this chart when you are facing off alongside any trainers. Moreover, you must keep this chart mainly during your Gym Challenges. This is because each trainer is specialized in diverse Pokemon.

Now, the chart representing the weakness and strength of Pokemon types are:

1. Bug


Super Effective (ATK)- Grass, Psychic, Dark

Weak Against (DMG)-Rock, Fire, Flying

2. Dark

Super Effective (ATK)- Psychic, Ghost

Weak Against (DMG)- Fighting, Fairy, Bug

3. Fairy


Super Effective (ATK)- Dragon, Fighting, Dark

Weak Against (DMG)- Steel, Poison

4. Grass


Super Effective (ATK)- Rock, Ground, Water

Weak Against (DMG)- Poison, Bug, Ice, Flying, Fire

5. Dragon


Super Effective (ATK)- Dragon

Weak Against (DMG)- Ice, Dragon, Fairy

6. Ground


Super Effective (ATK)-  Fire, Steel, Electric, Poison, Rock

Weak Against (DMG)- Ice, Grass, Water

7. Fighting


Super Effective (ATK)- Dark, Normal, Ice, Rock, Steel

Weak Against (DMG)- Psychic, Flying, Fairy

8. Ice


Super Effective (ATK)- Dragon, Ground, Grass, Flying

Weak Against (DMG)- Fighting, Steel, Fire, Rock

9. Electric


Super Effective (ATK)- Water, Flying

Weak Against (DMG)- Ground

10. Psychic


Super Effective (ATK)- Poison, Fighting

Weak Against (DMG)- Ghost, Dark, Bug


Now, have you all clear with weakness, as well as strength of Pokemon. Having knowledge about your type match-ups is one of the finest tools that you will have in your battles.

Though we mentioned the strength and weaknesses of pokemon.

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