Top 10 Best Gods In Smite

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Smite consists of several gods and as a result, finding out the best Smite god can be a difficult task. Every Smite god have different formats and roles.

Today we’re going to discuss on best gods in smite. Through this blog, you’ll get a detailed idea on it as we’re going to mention their capabilities and power. This will help you know which one will be perfect for you and why.

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10. King Arthur

This is one of the best gods in smite as compared to all other gods. King Arthur is a powerful soldier who is capable of handling area with high damage. Not only this, but it also has the capability to control the strong crowd.

This god will prove to be a boon to all the groups in Smite. It’s because it has Twin Cleave (Bladestorm), Overhead Slash (Hamstring), Sundering Strike (Excalibur’s Wrath), and Battle Stomp (Uppercut).

king arthur

9. Guan Yu


This Smite God is of warrior type and has the efficiency to self-heal. With this ability, he has become a fierce rival to face on the battlefield. He has mobility skills, as a result, killing him is not an easy job.

Guan Yu has a unique ability known as Conviction. This ability helps him in healing himself and his followers if he gets wounded in the battle. Moreover, he has the ability to use the Taolu Assault. It makes use of blades to slice the enemies who are nearby.

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This Smite god is an amazing option to choose for battle as it will lead you to win the battle.

8. Achilles


This doesn’t have any problem with a foot in Smite. Achilles is a soldier with high damage, as well as good agility. This god appears with the Radiant Glory, Fatal Strike Skills, Shield of Achilles, and Combat Dodge.

7. Bellona


Bellona is considered as a fighter who has a colossal defence. This god in smite is efficient in nodding off hits easily.

Bellow can survive almost all the things with the help of Scourge, Eagle’s Rally, Shield Bash, and Bludgeon.

6. Ymir


This Smite god has Ice Wall ability with which he can even block the strongest rival. He blocks the enemies with a block of ice. Ymir uses frosts in the battlefield, as well as avoids the progression of enemies in the battleground.

It has one more ability- Frost Breath, which stuns the opponents at close quarters. This, as a result, can delay the further development of enemies for some time.

Additionally, Ymir has one more ability known as Shards of Ice. This ability can cause damage to the rivals in nearby range when frozen air explodes.

5. Horus


Horus is considered as a brutal warrior who has the ability to maintain damage over time. Not only this, but it also has high defence. These are the reasons how it has become one of the survivable Gods in Smite.

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This god in Smite has Fracture, To The Skies, Updraft, and Protector’s Surge.

4. Kali


This god has the power to take down everyone. It has a range of capabilities such as Incense, Destruction, Lash, and Nimble Strike. With these abilities, the god can demolish any foe. However, for this, you have to use the abilities correctly.

3. Susano


It is one of the best gods in Smite but is a thorny god to master. This god in smite is powered by wind and storms. It is specialized in controlling the crowd and extreme mobility. It has several aoe abilities such as Wind Siphon, Typhoon, Storm Kata, and Jet Stream.

2. Kukulkan


This is yet another strong Smite god which is present in most of the Arena matches. Kukulkan has strong abilities, which can take down the strongest rivals.

One of the strong abilities of Kukulkan is Whirlwind ability, which helps him to develop a tornado. This tornado will deal huge damage to minions and eney gods who are nearby. Moreover, with this ability, he moves the rivals who are getting close to quarters and avoid his opponents from developing further.

1. Bacchus


This is one of the funnies Smite gods. Thus, if you’re fun-loving and want to have fun while playing, then this Smite god is the best choice. To gain power, he drinks when he is on the battleground. It means to unleash the full power of Bacchus, he has to drink a jug full of liquor. With this, he gets extra power and buffs to defeat his rivals.

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Along with this, one of his funniest abilities is Belly Flop Ability. With this ability, this Smite god can land on these rivals and cause huge damage to them.

Moreover, he has the ability of Belching. This ability lets him provide a loud belch, which debuffs the healing of rivals.


We hope now you have a clear idea about the gods in smite such as which are the best and powerful. As a result, now you might know which one should be your god in smite when you’re playing.

If you need any additional info, Let us know in comment section.

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