Top 10 Best World of Warcraft Add Ons

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World of Warcraft or Wow Classic has been in the limelight for around 15 years. When it conveyed information to players was the state-of-art, it has not aged particularly well.

WoW has a range of addons with which you can customize the user interface of WoW. As a result, your journey towards Azeroth will become quite easier. When it comes to including addons, the first step you have to do is download the Twitch app. With this app, you will get easy access to the market where you will find almost all the WoW addons

Now, do you know the best and significant WoW addons?

No? Then, have a look.

10. Titan Panel Classic

titan panel

This addon is equally useful as vanilla addon Tital Panel. Titan Panel includes one or two dark stripes to the top and/or bottom of the screen. This is done to showcase configurable details about your character.

9. OPie


OPie is real simple and has the ability to create contextual radial menus. This, as a result, will help you in using some specific abilities on your action bar with your mouse.

Though it’s not an essential addon, it is simple, as well as sleek to use.

8. Gatherer


Are you a crafter or gatherer? If yes, then this addon is necessary for you. With this, you can get to know about herbalism, treasure, and mining location through your minimap. Gatherer does this by recalling the place of resource nodes, which you have found earlier.

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This addon will point you always toward the location of earlier resources.

7. WeakAuras2

weakauras 2

This is the most complication Wow addon. It is a framework, which allows you to showcase special graphical elements on the screen. This is for indicating buffs, debuffs, and several other appropriate status effects.

Moreover, if you lack the energy to program your tailor ones, then you can import templates easily from other gamers.

6. Omen Threat Meter

omen threat meter

This WoW addon helps the DPS and Dealers by showcasing relative agro of every party member for any monster that you’re targeting.

Thus, you will come to know if you are in danger of theft from the god forbid or tank. This is only if the tank expires. However, in raids and dungeons of high-level, this sort of information is priceless.

5. Dynamic Cam

dynamic cam

WoW launched the dynamic level scaling to all of Azeroth. This, in turn, changes the entire way you level new characters.

As of now, it’s a great time, to begin with, a fresh character and enjoy Azeroth from a literally new point of view. With Action Cam feature, which was used in an earlier patch, this WoW addon converts its perspective to make the World of Warcraft feel like a 3rd person action game.

Dynamic Can has the ability to shift automatically between several camera positions based on what you are doing.

4. AtlasLoot Classic

atlasloot classic

Modern WoW consists of a handy journal, which logs loot drops from all of its dungeons and raids.

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With AtlasLoot Classic, you can browse the loot tables for all the dungeons. This is a compulsory mod if you are at the 60th level.

3. Bartender 4


This WoW addon is entirely customizable. With this WoW addon, you will get the authority to change the transparency, size, and positioning of all the action bars.

Moreover, it has the capability to write macros, which drive things such as hiding action bars when I am mousing not over them.

2. ElvUI


This addon is one of the well-known total conversion for Wow. It has the efficiency to take place of every single user interface element having a sleek redesign. This is readable and modern.

When it comes to the add-on, you have to install, as well as update it manually. This addon comprises of several customizations. Not only this, but also consists of a group of addons. It includes TidyPlates, which helps in cleaning the appearance of aging interface of WoW.

Moreover, ElvUI comes with the in-game setup process, which helps in customizing the user interface as per your requirements.

1. Deadly Boss Mods

deadly boss

This is one of the important addon, which is very important for you. With this addon, the complicated boss fights become quite more approachable by giving real-time alerts. This will always keep you stay ahead.

If you install this addon, then you don’t have to remember all the boss fights. The camera effects and alerts of this addon will notify you about the dangerous attacks.

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Moreover, it is a small feature, which responds to in-game messages automatically while you’re involved in the boss fight.

Final Thoughts

Now, are you all clear about the world of Warcraft addons? We have mentioned clearly about the 10 addons of WoW. The info we wrote under every addons is what we got to know from our deep research.

If you want to know additional things, then  do let us know in comment.

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