Top 10 Easiest Pokemon to Draw

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Pokemon is one of the cartoon characters that most of the people like. Though many things have changed, the like for Pokemon doesn’t change. In fact, it is a craze for many people.

Now, are you a pokemon fan? If yes, then you would really like drawing some of the little critters. This is applicable not only for kids, but for adults as well. In fact, drawing is an art that many people do to get some relaxation.

If you also like drawing, then I strongly recommend you to take a pencil or pen in your free time and draw whatever you like in a paper.

Always keep in mind that pokemons can be drawn easily as most of them have almost similar designs. Some of the most simple pokemon designs include Ditto, Snorlax, etc.

Want to draw pokemon, but thinking it is difficult?

If yes, then I want to let you know that drawing pokemon is not that tough. It is quite easy to draw as it comes in several designs. Now, some of you may have the interest to know the varieties of pokemon.

Right? Considering this, here we have listed top ten easiest pokemon to draw.

Read on.

10. Klink


Klink is an easy-to-draw pokemon. It is a blend of two of the similar pokemons. With this combination, you will get an idea of reiterating the same processes whenever required.

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9. Shuckle


This pokemon looks similar to a bunch of worms that are coming out from the shell. It is a little bit difficult, but the shapes and circles are superb.

If you learn drawing shuckle, then you can deal with the rest of the pokemon. It indicates that drawing this pokemon is a great start.

8. Pikachu


Pikachu looks like a cute yellow colored rat. To draw this, most of you may not need a reference image as everyone knows how it looks like. It is one of the popular pokemon. This is an easy pokemon to draw if you nail the design. Once it is done, you can sketch it in several poses or outfits and due to this, it is one of my favorite pokemon to draw.

If you want you can sketch it in a funny way as well.

7. Snorunt


This is pokemon, which is of ice-type and came into limelight in Generation III. Though it is in limelight, it has not become that popular as compared to other pokemon. However, when it comes to drawing a pokemon, you can consider this as it can be drawn easily.

The appearance of this pokemon is like a Native American tipi. If you see it, you would like to see it again and again. With this inspiration, you can draw this pokemon quickly. Drawing this pokemon can boost your confidence level in sketching pokemon.

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6. Victini


This is one of the legendary pokemon and can be a best pokemon drawing. It is a replacement for the great power of Lugia. Victini is not that easy to draw, drawing its tails are quite difficult. However, you can try drawing victini as we believe that an individual trained in drawing can
sketch this pokemon.

5. Dratini


If you look into this pokemon, you will surely notice that it appears like a cute snake. However, technically, it is a kind of Dragon and has shed skin. Though, Dratini is a type of Dragon, its appearance is like a cute snake.

Trying to draw this pokemon can be a fun experience for you.

4. Oshawott


Drawing oshawott can be done easily. It is covered in freckles. For this, you have to start with its body and then draw the rest of the things. When it comes to drawing, you have to draw many things from freckles to toes for completing the oshawott drawing.

These are the things that make the Oshawott different from other pokemon. Moreover, drawing this pokemon can help you in enhancing your drawing skills.

Newbies may find some small difficulties in drawing this, but still it’s an easy pokemon design.

3. Marill


To draw Marill, you don’t have to spend your too much time. This is one of such pokemon drawings that almost all the people can draw it without putting too much effort.

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Moreover, this can be the best choice for you if you are finding difficulty in finding a starting point. However, if you’re a newcomer in drawing, then you may find little difficulty while attaching the tail.

2. Voltorb


It is also easy to draw if you can draw a circle perfectly. The appearance of this pokemon is like a circle with only two eyes and certain lines.
Thus, this is one of the easiest and simplest pokemon designs that anyone can draw.

1. Ditto


Ditto is one of the best pokemon to draw without much effort. This is an amorphous blob that has a smile and two eyes. As a result, you will not require too much time to draw this pokemon.


Here, you have seen 10 different pokemons that you can draw easily. Trying to draw these pokemons can enhance your drawing skills.

Now, why to wait for more?

Choose one of the pokemons and start sketching it in a piece of paper.

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