Full list of Cat Pokemon Names With Pictures

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Every pokemon is an inspiration of several forms of a mythical beast, animal, or some object in the “real world”.

Cats are always in our surrounding and are family member of us. When it comes to Pokemon, you will come across more than 800 unique pokemon. Each pokemon has its own skillsets, as well as attributes. Among all the pokemon, cat pokemon are more liked by many people. There are several types of pokemon with cat-like features.

The features of the cat are:

  • Cats are carnivorous animals and have whiskers.
  • They have large ears, eyes, retractable claws, and sharp teeth.
  • Their hind feet have 4 toes and forefeet have 5 toes.
  • and a Family member

Now, some of you may have curious about cat Pokémon. Right?

If yes, then read this blog completely. In this blog, we have covered almost all the cat pokemon names with Pictures.

Read on.

List of Cat Pokemon names with Pictures


Meowth Cat Pokemon

Meowth is the most popular pokemon among all other cat pokemon. It is a part of the trio of “Team Rocket” along with James and Jessie. It is the most popular lippy cat of Team Rocket. In fact, in his category, he is the only one who can speak English.

This cat pokemon is the most popular lippy cat of Pocket’s Jessie & James team. Moreover, this is the only cat pokemon who can communicate in English.

Meowth has big ears and eyes, paws, 4 whiskers, and retractable claws. He has the calibre to walk on four, as well as two legs. Meowth is well known as the symbol of luxury. Meowth scratch and tear things apart without any reason.

When it comes to Meowth, the most famous cat pokemon that pairs with it is Persian. The Persian cat pokemon is the developed form of Meowth. It is popular for being the cynical cat of Giovanni.

Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket.

Skitty and Delcatty

Skitty and Delcatty Cat Pokemon

Both of the cats are almost like a pillow and pincushion. Skitty looks lovable and is a cute form of a cat and as a result, he has a huge fan base of the female.

Delcatty is the evolution of skitty and looks like a flower.


Persian cat pokemon names with Pictures

The cat pokemon is evolved from Meowth and is a Siamese-like breed. This is quite a common type of pokemon among those who are household pets.

Moreover, his ability to learn several and various moves make him a fun addition.


Perrserker Cat Pokemon

This cat pokemon is the newest and elegant addition to the franchise of Pokemon. Perrserker is right now accessible in Pokemon Shield and Sword. It’s a bipedal Viking kitty, which is the developed form of Galarian Meowth at the 28th level. Moreover, the name of this cat pokemon is a play on the “Berserker” term, a Norse Warrior.

This cat pokemon is the polar opposite type of Alolan Persian. Its fur is of steel-hard, which forms a kind of armor all over the body. As a result, its appearance is like a horned helmet.

When it comes to fighting, he becomes a total beast with high speed.

Alolan Meowth

Alolan Meowth Cat Pokemon

In this cat pokemon, you can see the regional versions of Persian, as well as Meowth. This is actually rare, prideful, and selfish as it was raised up in royal families.

The color of Alolan Meowth’s fur is dark blue/grey and have half-closed eyes.

Galarian Meowth

Galarian Meowth Cat Pokemon

They get adapted to their environments like the people who are around them. This cat pokemon has become more resistant, as well as rough as compared to others. It is because they were living with a hardy seafaring people for ages.

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Moreover, this cat pokemon is a combination of Viking and tabby cat.


Espeon Cat Pokemon

The pokemon looks like a fox-like Pokemon, named Eevee. This has gained two new evolutions, which seems more like a cat-like than a fox-like.

Espeon is a Psychic-type Pokemon, which only develops when the trust of its trainer has reached the maximum level. This cat-like pokemon is based on the bake-neko or nekomata, which is a goblin cat of Japanese folklore. Like most of the other cats, Espeon is proud and mysterious. Moreover, this cat pokemon move with elegance.

Glameow and Purugly

Glameow and Purugly Cat Pokemon

These are a stereotypical pair. Glameow is a kind of classy and prissy cat, like a Siamese cat. At the initial stage, this pokemon looks cute and small, but when it grows up, it looks like a not-so-cute plumpy cate.


Raikou Cat Pokemon

This cat pokemon came into limelight in Generation II. It is one of the trio of legendary beasts in Generation II. The other two legendary beasts are Suicune and Entei. However, out of three, Raikou is the one that resembles a cat and looks almost like a saber-toothed cat.

He has 2 large fans and the face is covered by black colored face guard and white colored thick fur. The mane of Raikou looks like purple colored clouds.

Ho-Oh killed this cat pokemon and was considered as the reason behind consumption of Brass Tower that caused the demise of three legendary beasts.


Eevee Cat Pokemon

This is a classic gen 1 critter and is one of the well-loved and iconic creatures in the franchise. It was one of the titular characters in “Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee”. This is the place where Eevee was adorned with flowers and looked gorgeous.


Umbreon Cat Pokemon

This pokemon is like Espeon. For example, this pokemon evolves only if its mood has reached trust to a high extent. It is a dark-type pokemon. It is first-ever pure dark and its appearance is slightly like a black cat.

In fact, its appearance is like a “Build-a-Bear” creation, which is made up of Hot Topic.


Suicune Cat Pokemon

Suicune is the final member of the Legendary Beasts. He is a water-type pokemon and its appearance is like a panther. The legendary beasts consist of three members who were initially created when the three pokemon were killed due to the burning of Brass Tower.

Though it is mentioned that three pokemon were killed, their species are not clear.

Purrloin & Liepard

Purrloin Liepard Cat Pokemon

The features of Purrloin is like a typical cat with a masked look. Liepard has an entirely different look and clearly resembles the Purrloin becoming a leopard of sorts.

Purrloin, as well as Liepard, stand out from the crowd due to their concept and vibrant colors.


Zangoose Cat Pokemon

This is yet another Generation III Pokemon. Zangoose is not a pure cat breed but still comes under the category of cat pokemon. This is because it’s a blend of cat and mongoose.

The fur of Zangoose is of white color and body has red scars. It has long pointy ears, red color nose, and pink eyes.


Vaporeon Cat Pokemon

It is a Bubble jet pokemon. When it comes to starters, this pokemon is one who made them realized Eeveelutions were cats at the initial stage.

Sailors always mistake vaporeons as mermaids, but the fact is it is a water-type pokemon. Moreover, this cat pokemon doesn’t have any weakness.


Entei Cat Pokemon

This is one of the legendary beasts that look like a lion. It is a fire-type pokemon, which is born either in volcanoes or can be the reason for volcanoes to explode with a roar.

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Luxio Cat Pokemon

This is an electric-type creature and is brave. It is potent enough to frighten its rivals. Luxio frightens this by lowering the attack stat of their opponents. As a result, Luxio wins easily.

However, it is responsible for making its trainer faint accidentally with an electrical discharge.


Absol Cat Pokemon

This cat pokemon is based off a black cat (also popular as Disaster Pokemon) or panther. Apart from this, sometimes it also looks like a mountain lion. However, still, it is not clear.

Absol has the efficiency to learn more moves as compared to other non-legendary pokemon. In fact, this cat pokemon is the only one to learn Psycho cut from levelling up.


Sneasal Cat Pokemon

This cat pokemon is a combination of cat and weasel and is popular for being a vicious predator.

Sneasal is always seen thieving Pidgey eggs from the nests. This pokemon does this usually when unguarded.

Shinx and LuxraY

Shinx and LuxraY Cat Pokemon

This is a cat styled pokemon, but many people think it as a combination of panther and lion.

Shinx is very adorable without featuring any black mane around the head. For example, lynx or lion cub. Luxio came in the mane with a tough look. At the last, luxray showcases the full mane along with the toughest look as compared to Shinx and Luxio.


Liepard Cat Pokemon

Purrlion is the one that evolves into Liepard. This cat pokemon loses the mischief, instead of swapping it with elegance. Moreover, it is also similar to several wild cats such as leopards and cheetahs. This is because of its silent, as well as speed nature.

This cat pokemon is popular as the Cruel Pokemon. It’s because it has an arrogant and sassy personality, which most of the cats have.


Incineroar Cat Pokemon

Incineroar is the inspired final form of Litten’s John Cena. This cat pokemon is a fire/dark type and is one of the strongest starters. Though it’s violent and selfish sometimes, it loves its trainer.


Glameow Cat Pokemon

This is a normal-type cat pokemon of the fourth generation. Glameow is a kitty looking very pretty, which is based on a domestic housecat. It has an attitude of innocent cat and sweet attitude. All this makes it one of the instant favorite cat pokemon.


Purugly Cat Pokemon

Purugly looks like real cats when they start their evolution from kittenhood. This cat pokemon looks very angry and is spiteful. Purugly lacks defense rating but it has high speed.


Litleo Cat Pokemon

Litleo is one another Pokemon comes from the family of the lion, like Shinx. However, there is one major difference between Litleo and Shinx. The difference between them is Shinx is an electric type, whereas Litleo is a Fire-type.

This cat pokemon has a playful and curious nature. Depending on its competitor or rival, Litleo emits heat from its mane.

If you have a male Litleo, then it will become a well-maned male Pyroar. However, if you are having a female, then it will become equal to a female with no mane. You can see this concept in other Pokemon.

Espurr & Meowstic

Espurr Meowstic Cat Pokemon

Meowstic is yet another cat pokemon that features both the sexes. For example, the white being a female, and the navy, a male. Both the sexes are cute and are tough for their size.

When it comes to Espurr, it looks like a stuffed animal. In fact, it almost appears like a teddy bear. Both Meowstic and Espurr are quite, as well as cute for their size.


Torracat Cat Pokemon

Litten is the one who gets evolved into Torrracat at the 17th level. Whenever you see him, you’ll see a yellow bell with him. It is a flame sac, which is always in tune with the emotions of Torracat. When his emotions rise, the temperature of the bell will also rise. This will lead it to spit fire.

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Generally, this cat pokemon loves fighting and has a very tough sense in battle.


Jolteon Cat Pokemon

This cat pokemon is an electrifying feature. It represents Eevee with a thunderstone. It is an incredible sweeper, who is capable to take a beating devoid of going down.

Moreover, it has the ability to absorb volt. This, in turn, helps him in his survivability and makes him one of the valuable electric-type pokemon.


Solgaleo Cat Pokemon

This is a legendary pokemon, which is of Psychic/Steel type. It looks like a lion. Though this is a cat pokemon, its earlier forms of Cosmog and Cosmoem are not cats.

This particular cat pokemon is popular as one of the strongest pokemon. It’s because he draws to the sun itself. He has the ability to create Ultra Wormholes so that he can get to Ultra Space. The Ultra Space is the home of the eleven extradimensional creatures. These creatures are called Ultra Breasts.

The design of Solgaleo is different from Pyroar. He will look like a sun and its forehead is galaxy-inspired. Moreover, Solgaleo is not a fire type; instead he is a psychic and steel type.


Flareon Cat Pokemon

When it comes to Flareon, many people have a question in their mind that is this really a cat. As compared to the other pokemon of its evolutionary line, Flareon is a little bit different. The tail of this cat pokemon is fluffy.

The speciality of this pokemon is creating fire and always keeping the body heat more than the normal temperature. This cat pokemon can be the best companion for folks who likes going camping out, hiking, and those who are interested in looking at the stars without any interruption of modern lights.


Zeraora Cat Pokemon

This is one of the Electric-type Mythical pokemon. There are several mythical pokemon such as Celebi, Deoxys, Mew, Darkrai, and Jirachi.

Sometimes, this cat pokemon is seen residing in Fula City. Zeraora hates humans because long ago humans started the fire in the city. Moreover, this is one of the fastest pokemon that has a travelling speed similar to lightning.


From this blog, I aimed to make you all aware of the pokemon with cat-like features. This is because when it comes to cat pokemon, there seems to a riven between being a cat and something else.

Though we have covered all the cat pokemon names with pictures, we expect many new cats in the upcoming days. Once new cat pokemon get added, we’ll update it at the earliest.

Apart from the information given in this blog, if you know more about cat pokemon names, then you can get in touch with us. You’re free to contact us anytime.

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