Top 10 Best One Handed Weapons in Skyrim

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When it comes to Skyrim, almost all the gamers may like cleaving stuff in two using a two-handed sword. However, sometime at least some of you may think of having a weapon that can make your one-hand free.

It would be a fun to a fight with a spell in one hand and sword in other hand. In fact, having an amazing and perfect one-handed sword is always a good thing in Skyim. As a result, most of the gamers look forward to have the best one-handed weapons in Skyrim. This is the main reason behind the presentation of this article.

To present this, article, we have done deep research on this topic and here are our findings:

10. Dawnbreaker

Dawnbreaker One Handed Weapons in Skyrim

This weapon has a holy light, which is seen at its hilt. Dawnbreaker was donated by the Daedric Prince of Life to the player. The name of the prince is Meridia. This had made the weapon a powerful sword against draugrs, vampires, and skeletons.

9. Nightingale Blade

Nightingale Blade One Handed Weapons in Skyrim

Interested in thieving the possessions of people instead of their blood? If yes, then Nightingale Blade is the perfect weapon for you. This one handed weapon was owned earlier by Thieves Guild Guildmaster Gallus Desidenius. In fact, this is considered as the signature sword for some warriors. These are the warriors who have pledged commitment to Nocturnal. He is the Daedric Prince of Night.

8. Harkon’s Sword

Harkons Sword One Handed Weapons in Skyrim

This is one of the bizarre weapons in Skyrim. It has the capability to drain 15 Magicka, health, and stamina.

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One of its drawbacks is with this weapon, you will acquire the bonuses only if you’re a vampire. Moreover, this weapon is of situational nature.

7. Bloodscythe/Soulrender

Bloodscythe Soulrender One Handed Weapons in Skyrim

This is a pair of scurvy blades that are cursed. Earlier it was wielded by the Haknir Death-Brand, a legendary pirate king. He was popular for his lust towards torture, as well as frequent sessions of raging madness and was the brutal ruler of Sea of Ghosts.

Soulrender and Bloodscythe individually hold high base damage. However, both cannot make use of their enchantments devoid of its armed brother. If you use both of them together, then they have the capability to drain 15 Magicka and Health in their every hit. Along with this, they also lower the magical defenses and armor of your target.

6. Mace of Molag Bal

Mace of Molag Bal One Handed Weapons in Skyrim

This is the only mace in our list of best one handed weapons in Skyrim. In fact, this is the one among the many coolest looking maces.

Mace of molag bal can be had once you finish the quest “House of Horrors”. It begins like a rusty mace, but it gets changed into a unique dedric weapon. Though it’s a fact, it is possible only when it is kept on the Altar of Molag Bal.

As compared to other maces, the swing speed of this mace is far better. This is the reason why it functions almost like a sword. In fact, it can make 25 damage to Magicka and stamina in every hit.

Apart from this, it has an enchantment, which is in-built and works as a soul trap.

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5. Dragonbane

Dragonbane One Handed Weapons in Skyrim

This sword is an enchanted Akaviri Katana. It is specialized mainly in destroying scaly winged fire breathers. If you think it as a lighting-fused blade, the enchantment will cause shock damage to you. The damage will be of base 10 level. Along with this, when combating dragon it will also offer a huge amount as bonus damage.

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Now, some of you may don’t know about Akaviri Katana. Considering this, we are describing what it is.

Akaviri Katana is the standard peacemaker of Blades. The blades are the sect of fighters who are employed under the Emperor of Tamriel.

4. Dragonbone Sword

Dragonbone Sword One Handed Weapons in Skyrim

This sword looks like a crafted by adapting a cracked Dragonbone femur. Dragonbone sword is simple, as well as roughshod in make. However, if it is filled with high-level enchantment, then it is one of the deadly dangerous weapons in the entire game.

If you have a set of full armor including Dragonebone sword and a matching shield of Dragonbone, then the look of your Dragonborn will be like a demolisher of world.

3. Mehrunes’ Razor

Mehrunes Razor One Handed Weapons in Skyrim

This weapon is an exception to the rule. It has several nicknames such as The Dagger of the Final Wounds, Kingslayer, and Bane of the Righteous.

This one-handed weapon has one big draw. It has only 1.98% changes to kill any rival instantly.

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2. Windshear

Windshear One Handed Weapons in Skyrim

This is one of the best one-handed weapons in Skyrim. Windshear is a unique scimitar that can be attained during “Hail Sithis”, a Dark Brotherhood Quest.

The things that make it apart from others is that it has a special bonus. This bonus will increase your chance of sword knocking your rival down.

1. Chillrend

Chillrend One Handed Weapons in Skyrim

Chillrend is a blade crafted elegantly of malachite and ice. It comes under the top of the list. This one-handed sword is like a normal glass sword. Chillrend looks very elegant due to a couple of lockpicks and parkour.

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This is considered to be a leveled weapon, which is evolved with the Dragonborn. This, as a result, can become a damaging object like the formidable Dragonbone Sword. The Chillrend sprays ice crystals into the air. It produces a sizzling sound as the ice gets melting and then refreezes at an everlastingly constant rate.

If you’re having this one-handed weapon, then you can paralyze the target for two seconds as it has the capability to do so.

The unique enchantment of Chillrend is Forstfeed. Each swing from this sword can cause frost damage to the stamina and health of your opponent. Moreover, if you wait up to 46th level, you can see the full potential of this sword.


When it comes to Skyrim, one of its main aspects depends upon the ways you can reinforce the strength of your weapons. High enchanting and smithing skills indicates a deadlier blade packed with magical power.

From this blog, you got to know the top 10 one handed Skyrim weapons. In fact, reading this blog can make you understand about them in detail.

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