Top 10 Best Bows in Skyrim

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In Skyrim, archery is essential and special. The bow is a weapon that every archer always carry with them. Bows and arrows don’t have so much weight and as a result, anyone can use this.

If you find the perfect bow, then it can turn the mediocre bowman into masters of the arrow. In fact, bows are the excellent and useful weapon for all those who choose ranged damage and there are several to choose from.

This blog lists the 10 top and best bows in Skyrim. By going through this blog, you can get an idea on choosing the best weapon to take you with your journey to a pro archer.

Have a look.

10. Glass Bow

Glass Bow skyrim

It is one of the weapons, which is easily accessible to enhance the output of your damage in the starting phases of the game.

This bow has an extensive output and you must upgrade to one at the earliest. The damage of this bow is 15 and DPS is 10.

9. Stalhrim Bow

stalhrim bow skyrim

This bow is an extremely exclusive weapon and can be found when you take the Dragonborn DLC. Smithing this weapon is not an easy task as you need a level of 80 in the craft.

Apart from this, you might buy it from several in-game vendors. This includes Glover Mallory and Baldor Iron-Shaper.

While crafting this bow, if you reach the requirement of level, you might craft it with 3 pieces of Stalhrim.

8. Dwarven Black Bow of Fate

Dwarven Black Bow of Fate skyrim

Entry into this is a bit RNG-based. However, when the RNG starts functioning, you will receive amazing awards. When it comes to shot, every shot has a 50% chance of captivating 25 stamina, Magicka, and health.

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Moreover, every single attribute also has a 50% chance. Thus, you can easily absorb as per your requirement- just 1, all the 3 or nothing. This bow will help you in a long battle, it deals high damage and always keep your stats topped up.

7. Falmer Supple Bow

Falmer Supple Bow skyrim

This is the stronger version of the Falmer Bow. It weighs 20 points and does more damage than the real. The base damage of Falmer Supple Bow is 15 points. If you want to craft this weapon, you can do this using the materials that are used for making normal Falmer Supple. You can also see this being wielded by the toughest Falmer rivals in the game.

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6. Nightingale Bow

Nightingale Bow skyrim

This bow is a levelled one with base strength contingent, as well as enchantments on character level when you receive the bow. Once you get the bow, you can update it with Arcane Blacksmith perk and ebony ingot.

This weapon doesn’t get benefitted from any non-magical smithing perk. Its base damage is similar to Daedric Bow, i.e; 19 points and it weighs 18 points.

5. Zephyr Bow

Zephyr bow skyrim

This is one of the bows that you can easily get. When you start your save at the first, you’ll get the quest with which you can immediately unlock Zephyr. In fact, Zephyr has the highest DPS in the Skyrim.

The damage of Zephyr is 12 points and DPS is 12.22.

4. Auriel’s Bow

Auriel’s Bow skyrim

It is one of the perfect weapons and is accessible in the Dawnguard DLC. This is the best weapon for the gamers who want to do damage and associate it with the arrows of Dawnguard. You can enchant this bow once you finish certain quests of the main story.

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This is the only bow, which activates the effects of Bloodcursed and Sunhallowed arrows. To attain this bow, you have to defeat Arch-Curate Vyrthur. This you have to do at the end of a quest- “Touching the Sky” inside the Inner Sanctum.

3. Daedric Bow

Daedric Bow skyrim

The design of this bow is in such a way that it looks like a Demonic with many spikes extending from the body. In the entire game, it’s the 2nd strongest non-enchanted bow. This bow is very appealing due to its shape.  You may found this bow only when you reach the 46th level. In the 47th level, the Daedric bow will start spawning.

To craft this weapon, you’ll need a smithing level of 90. Not only this, but also requires a Daedric Smithing perk with 3 Ebony Ingots and 1 Daedra Heart.

The base damage of this weapon is 19, which is the 2nd highest in the game and has a weight of 18 points.

2. Dragonbone Bow

Dragonbone Bow skyrim

This bow fields the highest base damage in every shot in Skyrim. The weapon is powerful and heaviest. It has the ability to one-shot the thing you are interested in. The base damage of this bow in 20.

When it comes to this bow, combine it with a sneak attack and you’ll see a huge amount of damage. To get Dragonbone Bow, you have to defeat a keeper present in the Soul Cairn.

Crafting this bow may also be possible with an ebony ingot and dragon bones. However, for this, you’ve to max out smithing skill.

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1. Karliah’s Bow

Karliahs bow skyrim

This is the strongest bow in the entire game. It has a weight of 9 points & when it comes to monstrous damage, it has 25 points. However, you can’t get this bow devoid of using console commands. Though this is a fact, some players pickpocketed this weapon from Karliah.

The base damage of this weapon is high and is an amazing destruction option for the archers. When it comes to this bow, you can get it only by playing through the quests of Thieves’ guild until the Karliah gives it. The quest you are supposed to complete in order to get this bow is – Blindsighted. To get this quest, you may take some time but, it’s not too difficult.

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Getting the best bows are always helpful in Skyrim. However, getting it can be quite a difficult thing.

With this blog, you will get comprehensive information about the top 10 best bows in Skyrim. This will help you choose the best bow as per your requirement.

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