Top 10 best Spellcaster yugioh cards

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Monsters are of different types, which includes Spellcaster as well. Among all the other types, spellcasters always stood with machines, as well as dragons. However, it is flexible, and as a result, it modifies the rules with several effective effects.

With Yu-Gi-Oh cards, you can decide on a method to play cards.

Here, we are mentioning the top 10 best spellcaster Yugioh cards.

10. Fog King

fog king spellcaster yugioh cards

The Fog King’s power is due to its versatility. This is a level 7 monster, which can be summoned generally without Tribute. In this case, if you tribute monsters, the ATK stat of Fog King will become similar to the ATK stat of the tributed monster.

You may not like this part, but keeping this part as an option is always good.

When it comes to Fog King, there are specific card rulings. Some of the card rulings are:

  •  If the “Skill Drain” is active, then the Fog King’s ATK will be Zero, and monsters might be Tributed. However, if the Skill Drain goes from the field, the Fog King’s ATK will remain at 0.
  •  If your Fog King card is flipped face-down by “Book of Moon,” then it will have zero ATK. Moreover, it is flipped face-up later; it will still have ATK as 0.
  •  While the Fog King’s effect is applied, you will not be able to Tribute this card for a Tribute Summon. Not only this, but it also won’t allow you to Tribute this card to activate a Trap or Spell card with a cost of Tributing one monster.

9. Magician’s Rod

Magician’s Rod spellcaster yugioh cards

This monster of level 3 can usually be beckoned devoid of tributing. At the same time, you can add a trap listing the Dark Magician in the text from the deck to hand.

Moreover, if you activate a non-effective spell during your rival’s turn when this card is in the cemetery, you’ll get a chance to honor a spellcaster monster that you control to include this card.

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Here are some of the essential tips to use this card:

You can activate most of the spells at any time during your rival’s turn. However, keep in mind that you can use only the spells that can be played quickly. Thus, create your deck considering all these things.

After completing your normal summon Rod to find your card, you can still serve as an XYZ, link material, or synchro.

The 1st capability of the Magician’s Rod can be used only one time per turn.

8. Exodia the Forbidden One

Exodia the Forbidden One spellcaster yugioh cards

Exodia is a type of archetype and is a fantastic spellcaster monster. A stall deck surrounds it. One of the best feelings you can get from Yugioh is receiving all five pieces.

This is a classic spellcaster monster. Technically, all the Exodia decks are spellcasters. Moreover, all the Exodia decks are frustrating ones. Usually, Exodia decks function along with the other spells to thin the deck within three turns.

If you have all the 5 Exodia cards, you will automatically win the ownership of the cards.

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7. Magician of Dark Illusion

Magician of Dark Illusion spellcaster yugioh cards

Dark Magician inspires this spellcaster monster. They both contain the same artwork, as well as spellcaster type. Not only these, but they also have the same dark attribute.

Dark illusion offers two effects, both of which you can use each one time per turn. The first effect is that you have to special summon the Dark Illusion from the hand by chance. Then, you activate a spell (except the damage step). In this way, you can play him to the field devoid of any honors.

The second effect is – if you start the spell while the card is retrieved, then special summon the Dark Magician from the cemetery. However, remember that this is possible only one time.

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6. Breaker the Magical Warrior

Breaker the Magical Warrior spellcaster yugioh cards

This is one of the oldest spellcaster monsters, and it was also shown on the Forbidden list. Though its popularity has decreased now, this is still an amazing option for the spellcaster deck, mainly for the one which rotates the Spell Counters.

5. Apprentice Illusion Magician

Apprentice Illusion Magician spellcaster yugioh cards

Apprentice needs an honor to normal summon. This illusion includes a Dark Magician from the deck to your hand, a special summon, or a normal summon.

It also has a hand-spell effect, letting you remove her from the hand. This is done to provide your dark-attribute type of spellcaster monster 2000 ATK stat and DEF for one fight with the rival monster.

4. Dark Red Enchanter

Dark Red Enchanter spellcaster yugioh cards

This Spellcaster can offer a big boost to all the spellcaster decks. It can remove cards from the rival’s hand. Not only this, but it also has 2300ATK/2200DEF for a monster of 6-star.

If this spellcaster card is summoned normally, you have to keep two spell counters. The Dark Red Enchanter will get 300 attack points for every Spell Counter.

3. Dark Magician of Chaos

Dark Magician of Chaos spellcaster yugioh cards

This monster has an anarchic form and is always impressive. Along with the terrific ATK, this monster allows you to include a spell card from your cemetery to hand.

The recoveries of the spell are very rare among archetypes. Moreover, this spellcaster monster doesn’t send the removed monsters to the graveyard. Instead, it destroys those monsters.

When this card is summoned, you’ve to add one spell card from your cemetery to your hand.

This is one of the best cards to keep with you if you need a strong spell caster that can help you stop your rival from summoning things again out of their cemetery.

2. Alchemic Magician

Alchemic Magician spellcaster yugioh cards

This spellcaster monster is a great one, which must be in any spellcaster deck. However, it has some unreasonable requirements for summoning. Pendulum magicians were launched in 2015 and are entirely a different archetype. Additionally, by playing Pendulum Call, they are capable enough to secure their scales.

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In this, you can send a card to the cemetery for placing a trap/spell in any one of your spell areas.

1. Effect Veiler

Effect Veiler spellcaster yugioh cards

Among all the non-archetype Spellcaster, Effect Veiler has a stunning impact on every phase of play. This ranges from fresher to experience. As a result, effect Veiler is necessary for almost all the decks.

Moreover, it’s a monster of level 1 Tuner that enhances its efficiency and makes it a superb spellcaster monster.

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Spellcaster cards have come in various sizes, as well as shapes. For example, light-attributed monsters. With this monster, you can use the dark-needing and light chaos cards. Moreover, including pendulum magicians can help you in eluding tribute summoning.

Pendulum magicians were launched in 2015 and are entirely a different archetype. Additionally, by playing Pendulum Call, they are capable enough to secure their scales.

This blog aims to give you an idea of the top 10 spellcasters Yu-Gi-Oh cards. We believe that now you understand about these cards.

If you require any more info, feel free to comment below.

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