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Top 10 Strongest Armies in the World

An army is like a blanket which guards and protects the country. Men in the army leave their families and homes to serve the nation. It is important to have an army to protect the country from external attacks. Also, A strong army is an indicator of strength for a country. Countries spend huge amount of money on defense tools and weapons. More and more weapons are invented everyday. And today we have made a list of the top ten strongest armies in the world. Check it out.

10. Israel


Israel has a human population of about 7.5 million. And the number of men employed in the army is a whooping 187,000. 565,000 are there as substitutes. There are 12,552 weapons in the Israel army. With about 1,964 total aircraft and 64 total navy ships, Israel is our number ten country with strongest armies. They’ve got powerful and dedicated men. A country like Israel spending so much on army is indeed commendable.

9. Japan


Japan has a population of 126 million. About 239,430 are serving as soldiers. About 60,000 people are present in reserves. The Japan army has a whooping 5,220 land weapons, 1,953 aircraft, and 110 navy ships. A defense budget of 70 Billion is reserved for the army. Known for their technological advancements as well, Japan is our nu7mber 9 country with the strongest army. It is great for a small country like Japan.

8. France


The population of France is almost 65 million. The number of soldiers in France is about 362,485. It has a whooping 419,000 reserve soldiers. With 10,621 land weapons, 1,757 aircraft, 289 naval ships, France is our number 8 country with the strongest armies. The army budget of the country is about fifty billion dollars. France will surely be a force to reckon with. It has one of the strongest armies among the developed nations.

7. South Korea

south korea

South Korea is our number 7 country with the strongest armies. The population of South Korea is about 50 million. 653, 000 soldiers are present in it’s army. It is a tough army with 13,361 land weapons, 1,568 aircraft, and 170 naval ships. The army budget of South Korea is about26.55 billion dollars. It has soldier reserve of 3.2 million. Now that is a pretty large number!

6. Turkey


The inhabitants in Turkey are about 80 million. The government has made a reserve of about $25 billion for the national security. The number of men employed in the army is 1 million. They have about 69,744 land weapons. They boast about 1,940 air crafts. Also, 265 naval ships are present to take charge of water security. It is indeed commendable for turkey to have such a strong army. They will indeed be a force to reckon with. Though what we should pray for is peace forever!

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