Top 10 Best Heavy Armor Sets in Skyrim

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A heavy set of armor are customized ones for gamers who don’t have any problem in moving slowly in exchange for a huge defensive bonus. Thus, heavy armors can become the best friend of any warrior. These armors are good mainly for the players who are interested in two-handed weapons.

Having a set of heavy armors in Skyrim is a kind of assurance to your dominance in the battle. With heavy armors, the hits from your opponents will be relatively less as compared to not having heavy armors.

When you get advanced or upgrade on your game, you’ll surely upgrade the set of your armors concerning the level of your game. While playing, you must always consider your armor level. This is very important as it will help you to fight with your opponents.

Moreover, it is significant for you to ensure that your items are upgraded as fast as your level is upgraded.

Here in this list, you’ll get to know about the 10 best heavy armor sets in Skyrim. With the help of this list, you can choose the best heavy armor for you.

Read on.

10. Stalhrim Armor

Stalhrim Armor skyrim

The gamers who have installed the Dragonborn DLC can use this armor set. Players can craft this armor set with the help of new Stalhrim material, which came into the limelight within the DLC. To craft this, you need leather strips, quicksilver ingots, stalhrim, and steel ingots. Along with this, it also needs a Smithing level of 80 and Ebony Smithing perk.

It has an armor rating of 102.

9. Blades Armor

Blades Armor skyrim

When it comes to Blades, it comes back to Skyrim after playing a key role in Oblivion (previous game). This armor is one of the amazing heavy armor sets to make use of. It is mainly due to the fastness in acquiring it. This shield is placed in a chest in the Sky Haven Temple.

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Along with this, you must know that this is the fourth highest armor shield in the game. Moreover, the gauntlets, helmet, & boots are lower than other sets.

8. Nordic Carved Armor

Nordic Carved Armor skyrim

This is another armor set, which is introduced in the Dragonborn DLC. It offers the players with a perfect Nordic heavy armor.

Finding its pieces is quite easy in a diversity of dungeons as loot. Apart from this, if you (player) want, you can craft this at the 50th level of Smithing. However, this is possible only if you have the advanced armors perk unlocked.

Its armor rating is 119 with the shield.

7. Steel Plate Armor

Steel Plate Armor skyrim

Attaining this armor set is worth as it will take up 59 of your inventory space. Now you may think how to attain it? Right? If yes, then the answer is here.

You can found the steel plate armor set in shops, as well as loot once you reach the 18th level. Apart from this, you can found this if you touch the 50th level of Smithing and have appropriate smithing perk.

6. Orcish Armor

Orcish Armor skyrim

This is another heavy armor and starts appearing randomly in chests. However, this happens only after you reach the 26 levels. Orcish Armor is common at orc campus, as well as shops. Moreover, it is possible to craft a set.

To craft this Orcish Armor, the smithing needs of the player must be a minimum of level 50. Not only this, but also requires the Orcish Smithing perk. The armor rating is 120 with the shield.

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5. Ebony Mail

Ebony Mail skyrim

This is an exceptional shield in Skyrim, which does not contain a full set. You must obtain this shield if possible as it can prove to be an asset for you. Moreover, as compared to the normal Ebony variant, this armor has a higher rating. However, its weight is low.

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This armor sets occurs with a nice enchantment and handles with quite a small amount of poison damage every second to enemies who are near to you.

You can found Ebony mail as loot after you defeat the Champion of Boethiah. The introduction of “Champion of Boethiah” is done during the Calling quest of Boethiah.

4. Ebony Armor

Ebony Armor skyrim

As compared to several other armors, Ebony armor is one of the sets that look cool. This armor naturally starts spawning in loot around 33rd level. Ebony armor can be crafted also with leather strips, as well as ebony ingots.

Though this is the fact, you must have smithing of 80 and unlocked ebony smithing perk.

As a player, you’ll get an implausible armor rating of 128.

3. Falmer Heavy Armor

Falmer Heavy Armor skyrim

In Skyrim, this is one of the perfect heavy armor sets. This armor looks bizarre along with the same amount of armor as Ebony.

The weight rating of this armor on one hand is a little bit lower, i.e; 55. Though this is the fact, it doesn’t come with a heavy Falmer shield. This is because it does not exist in the entire game. It depends on what you choose.

To attain this, you have to loot from the Falmer Warmongers. Along with this, you can get it occasionally from Falmer Shadowmasters.

2. Dragonplate Armor

Dragonplate Armor skyrim

This armor is the second-best set in the game. Crafting at smithing 100 is easy with the Dragon Armor perk as compared to others. This is because finding out dragonplate armor is possible after the 40th level.

Now, for the complete set of this armor, you’ll require Dragon Scales, as well as Dragon bones. Moreover, the rating of this armor set reaches about 136 with a shield.

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1. Daedric Armor

Daedric Armor skyrim

When it comes to weapons, dragonbone themed ones are better as compared to Daedric. However, on the armor front, Daedric armor is the best weapon. In fact, Daedric has high armor rating.

This armor is the strongest set in the base-game Skyrim. Moreover, this is one of the armors that every player interested to wear even after the installation of DLCs of certain games. To craft this armor, you need the pieces of black soul gems, ebony armor, and Daedra hearts.

You can attain this armor in shops. Additionally, you can found this as loot after you reach the 48th level or when you touch the smithing level of ninety (90) and have the smithing perk relevant to it.

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Got knowledge about the top 10 best heavy armor sets in Skyrim? We believe “Yes” as the answer to this question. This is because we’ve covered the top-heavy armor sets and its details. Whatever we covered in this blog is completely from our research.

Let us know in the comment, which one is your favorite armor?

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